Mobile Devices For The Service Program

The Mobile Solution add-on runs on cross-platform mobile devices with an internet connection

  • IOS (iPhone, iPad), DROID (phones or tablets), Windows phones, MAC or PC laptop with an internet connection
  • No App to download!

The Service Program is your best choice for managing your service business.

Your responsiveness and customer communication are the key factor that will create long term contracts and references. Our apps make customer communication in the field a breeze

  • View and complete maintenance route schedules
  • Enter arrival and departure time
  • Keep notes per customer stop
  • Customize route ticket
  • User defined field on each route ticket
  • Look up past four service history (readings/data) per field on route ticket

Doing more in less time means the ability to manage more clients and jobs without adding to your administrative overhead. Streamline your service business with mobile administration.

  • Generate invoices, quotes and emails that include your logo
  • Dynamically add line items and search inventory
  • Simultaneously search item list by item name & description
  • Load customer preferred pricing for products you provide
  • Modify description of an item
  • View totals, including tax line
  • Signature capture

Add The Mobile Solution Option

Subscription Pricing (One month free when you agree to the annual pre-payment option)

  • $49.95/month – includes 1 to 14 total mobile field users
  • $99.95/month – includes 15 to 50 total mobile field users

QR Code Features

  • Provides your Service Program software two-way integration with field users and customers
  • Compatible with QR codes (bar codes)
  • View a map report (geo-reference) showing all QR labeled locations
  • Equipment and customer locations can be geo-referenced for check in/check out
  • Rental equipment can be marked delivered, picked up or serviced
  • Create route ticket or task work order and more!
  • Customers can scan and open task/work order for that equipment
  • Techs can view equipment service history and work orders with images and signatures
  • Create quotes instantly
  • Scan QR codes and pull up customer information (based on credentials)
  • Labels are made of weatherproof material for long lasting adhesiveness
  • Customized 2" x 2" labels available

Map Stop

  • Map from where you are standing to the next stop
  • Ideal for tech filling in or if new route stop is added
  • Displays all of the customer's route stops
  • Live updates of driver and employee locations
  • Manager can filter by each field user's schedule
  • Uses Google™ Maps
  • Unlimited stops & unlimited field users

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