Lawn Care Software

Lawn Care Software that is QuickBooks compatible, easy to set up, easy to use, with a customer portal and robust mobile solution.

With its seamless integration with QuickBooks™, compatibility Apple and Android mobile devices, and its many functional features, The Service Program is the optimal software solution for your landscaping service business. Especially when it’s also one of the most affordable solutions on the market.

We can also digitize your forms and documents.


Features And Benefits

The Service Program can help you record, track, manage, and report to residential and commercial customers, if appropriate

Our lawn care business software allows you to enter customers once in The Service Program or in QuickBooks and it seamlessly will update the other program

When a customer calls you can open a work ticket and our lawn care billing software will display it to a smartphone or tablet. Once closed it posts as an invoice in QuickBooks where you can print it out.

Features And Benefits

• Generate analysis: type of grass(es) present, type of weeds present, insects found, diseases found

• Schedule when services need to be performed (fertilizing, pruning,

• Keep track of services performed per visit (mow lawn, edge, weedeat, rake leaves, prune, mulch, plant, etc.)

• Record fertilizers and weed control applied

• Track tree and shrub care services

• Record time of day and weather conditions

• Track when repair parts are used off a truck with inventory

• Track assets assigned to crews

• Maintain route schedules for crews

• Track crew profitability

• Track issues from the main warehouse to each crew member (fuel, mower parts, etc.)

• Increase customer retention

• Create routes for cutting, fertilizing, cut-backs and more

• Inexpensive and easy bar code equipment scanning


See how The Service Program works

Keep everyone happy with this easy to set up, easy to use QuickBooks add-on software for almost any service business or industry.


Get Organized

• Track lawn care route profitability

• Improve Communication between you and your staff

• Quickly know if a lawn gets missed

• Track onsite time for route and lawn care staff


Seamless QuickBooks Integration

• Seamlessly Integrates with QuickBooks

• Post Invoices, Employee Time, Bills etc

• Works with Classes and Sales Reps

• No need for double entry!

Route Management

•Track lawn care crews

•Stop verification

•Optimize routes by area, day and tech

•Track when lawn care crews arrive/leave (requires mobile)

•Take pictures after stop has been serviced

•GPS pinpoint the crew upon arrival/departure (requires mobile)

•Map to each stop or service call while on the road


Improved Field Communications

•Enter/Complete Tasks & Work Orders

•Take Pictures of stops before and after they are complete

•Enter/See Customer Equipment

•Signature Capture, Print and/or Email Transactions

Service Department Management

•Enter work orders on PC or in the field

•Quickly know if something gets missed

•Setup recurring tasks like summer cut backs, sprinkler checks etc.


Customer Portal And Branded App

•Your customers can download your custom branded app on the App Stores

•Builds Brand Loyalty

•Customers can enter work orders (with pictures) of problems they may be having

•Service History

•See QuickBooks Invoice and Payment history

•Online store

•Bill Pay

•Quote Acceptance (Electronically capture signature)

Equipment Tracking

•Enter/View Equipment in the field

•Track repair history on equipment

•Create custom lists based on types of equipment

•Attach a weatherized QR Code (barcode) to equipment

•Scan QR Code to see service history (requires login)

•Customer can scan to report a problem

•GPS locate where all your equipment have been place

•Scan QR Code to deliver, repair or pickup the equipment

•Employees can scan to verify they were there

•Customer sells the house, new owner can scan and report an issue!


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Mobile software that's compatible with your QuickBooks desktop and QuickBooks online

Helpful Video Demonstrations

Step by step videos about how The Service Program can help grow your business.

Routing Crews
Tracking Landscape Jobs
Entering Time/Bills
Working With The Mobile
Creating Recurring Invoices
Posting Into QuickBooks

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