Your ROI With The Service Program

Return on Investment for Blue Dolphin Pools. We realize that purchasing a software program to run your service business is a major decision, not to mention a big expense. Naturally, you’ll want to know what to expect regarding your return on investment. Here is a case study that illustrates the value.

Case Study: Blue Dolphin Pool Service

The Blue Dolphin Pool Services, operates 20 routes and 4 service technicians. Below we have included a case study of how they used The Service Program to their advantage and made their money back.


Business Situation:

•We spent a lot of time managing the route process.

•We had problems with customers not getting called back in a timely manner.

•With the price of chemicals increasing, we needed a way to track usage in the field.

•We were looking for a solution that could email customers after service or cleaning was complete.

•Most of all, we needed a program that seamlessly integrated QuickBooks® so we wouldn’t have to re-enter anything.


The Service Program Standard Edition and The Service Program smartphone or tablet Add-on “I have tried other software applications and they were either too complicated or they didn’t understand our business process. The Service Program is the only program that is both easy to use and has organized the company the way I always had hoped a program would.”

- Doug Fleischer - Owner, Blue Dolphin Pool Service


•Fully networkable

•Seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks® - no dual entry

•Manages routes more effectively than any other routing application on the market

•Tracks chemical usage on routes

•Notifies owners and/or property managers after cleaning

•Tracks inventory on the service trucks and in the main warehouse

•Tracks lapse time on customer calls

•Tracks route profitability

Return on Investment for Blue Dolphin Pools:

•We estimate an annual net savings of $35,000 by being more organized, providing better customer service, handling inventory more efficiently, increasing route profitability through improved route management and implementing better invoicing measures

•We can now easily and efficiently track inventory on service trucks, saving an estimated $25,000 per year in missing parts.

•Customers are getting called back an average of 2.5 times faster, resulting in better customer service.

•Repair tickets are invoiced an average of 3 days faster than before, resulting in better cash flow and increased accountability.

•Now we can track who fills in for a given route without having to reassign an entire route if someone is sick or on vacation.

•While on site, we can enter information to track chemical usage in a pool, as well as when the route tech arrives and leaves.

•When the pool has been cleaned or a repair has been completed, we can instantly notify the customer or property manager via email

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